Totenbuch - List of the Dead

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Home Community Last Name First Name Religion Address Profession Born Died Buried Notes
Alibunar Hahn Maria Roman Catholic Housewife 1874 20.11.1945 Born, Weismüller in Ziehgdorf, begr. In Karlsdorf
Alibunar Hahn Georg Roman Catholic Unskilled Laborer 1914 1943 Born, In Ziehgdorf, Killed in Action, bei Split
Alibunar Hugeri Helene Roman Catholic Housewife 4.11.1903 17.11.1946 Born, Barbi, Died, in Karlsdorf
Alibunar Jost Ludwig Roman Catholic Plumber 18.04.1922 26.06.1942 Killed in Action, Russia, Leningrad
Alibunar Jung Josef Roman Catholic Tailor 7.07.1916 1941 Missing in Action, Norway
Alibunar Jacker Johann Roman Catholic Chimney Sweep 24.11.1944 Schindergarten
Alibunar Jacker Elisabetha Roman Catholic Housewife 24.11.1944 Schindergarten
Alibunar Jung Ludwig Roman Catholic Unskilled Laborer 24.07.1924 1945 Died in Schindergarten.
Alibunar Kndl Franz Roman Catholic Church Elder 2.11.1901 24.11.1944 Schindergarten
Alibunar Kaiser Josef Roman Catholic Carpenter 1.05.1872 1945 Rudolfsgnad Born, In Ziehgdorf
Alibunar Latzku Johann Greek Orthodox Carpenter 5.12.1919 27111944 Cacak
Alibunar Lichtenberg Franz Roman Catholic Innkeeper 29.03.1889 24.11.1944 Died in Schindergarten., Born, In Kudritz
Alibunar Larbert Anton Roman Catholic Farmer 24.08.1901 24.11.1944 Died in Schindergarten.
Alibunar Litahovski Ludwig Roman Catholic Butcher 1945 Sombor
Alibunar Müller Johann Roman Catholic Vineyard Worker 24.11.1944 Died in Schindergarten.
Alibunar Maus Paula Roman Catholic Housewife 1885 1945 Rudolfsgnad
Alibunar Müller Katharina Roman Catholic Housewife 1945 Rudolfsgnad
Alibunar Nedelkov Béla Roman Catholic Butcher 1886 1945 Sombor Died
Alibunar Oreskovich Maria Roman Catholic Housewife 20.01.1881 7.08.1944
Alibunar Prem Franz Roman Catholic Hairdresser 13.03.1923 Missing.

Originally prepared by the Danube Swabian Association in Austria on behalf of the Foundation of the Germans from the Sudeten and Carpathian-Danube region

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