By Marko Cvejic

Due to the huge demand for the original book "About Danube Swabians", we came up with a new, updated edition. The book was created as a result of the film project Danube Swabians screening tour 2012. Presentation of the documentary film Danube Swabians which was written and directed by Marko Cvejic, recorded in Vojvodina’s towns and villages, was created to acquaint the audience with the history of the Germans from Vojvodina region. During the realization of this tour from March to June 2012, we visited around twenty places Vojvodina, Austria and Germany, where we discussed this topic with the local community, after the screening of the film. More about the entire project can be found on

Numerous intellectuals from different fields gave us great support. They participated in panel discussions and thereby contributed to the popularization of this topic. Some of our guests were: Vladimir Arsenijevic, Milica Tomic, Pavel Domonji, Milena Dragicevic Sesic, Vesna Pesic, Lazar Stojanovic, Teofil Pancic, Marijana Toma, Srdjan Tesin, Nebojsa Popov, Ugljesa Sajtinac, Dubravka Stojanovic, Ivan Colovic & others. At the end of the screening tour we decided to gather all the presentations in one book and publish them as a collection of essays in three languages - Serbian, German, English. The idea was to reach a wider range of those who are interested, and thus tell a story that slowly goes into oblivion together with the last members of the Vojvodina Germans.

In November, 2014 we published second, upgraded edition of the book About Danube Swabians. There was a lot of interest in it, and I decided to make reprint of 600 copies. This time there are two new essays, and a foreword to the second edition, as well as the new graphics and visuals. One essay is written by Vesna Pesic, famous Serbian sociologist and key figure in democratic changes in Serbia. She was speaking on the book promotion in Belgrade, on 12th of December 2012. Second text is written by Susanne Paulus, dramatist from Vienna. Her participation was very precious for me because she gave personal viewpoint as a member of Danube Swabian community. I wrote foreword to the second edition, from the distance and the experience of past two years. This time a book doesn't have DVD at the end, and it has soft cover. We decided this way because it will be cheaper, and it will be easier to carry it in the bag or in the pocket. First edition is more like "special limited edition", and this one is more like "user friendly edition".

As the International day of human rights is approaching, along with the Christmas holidays, we would like to offer you second updated edition of a book About Danube Swabians. It has soft cover, 325 pages, illustrations and graphics, and its written in three languages (Serbian, German, English). It can be ordered separately or together with the DVD of our film Danube Swabians. Price of the book is 20 € (25 $), price of the DVD is 15 € (18 $). Special Christmas holidays price for ordering both is 30 € (37 $). Help educate your friends and loved ones with this interesting reading, take part in the popularization of this marginalized topic, and support our activities.

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